Artist Statement

My cultural background and life experience influences my art practice, which has developed over many years. Drawing is a foundation skill, which links to my interest in manipulating two and three-dimensional forms to create an interplay and relationship between space, volume and proportion.

James Turrell and the International Year of Light 2015, the majesty of some natural forms and optical illusion are influences in my current body of work. I have created an assemblage of a monumentally scaled found object, complementing it with a negative reflection in metal and wood construction, colour and LED lighting. This contemporary sculpture substantiates my capabilities in design, joinery and inventiveness. Reflections and illusions that trick the eye are a recurring theme in my work.

I delight in using my hands to create work in multiple media including clay, plaster, wood, metal, bronze and contemporary materials, colour and light. My palette is usually geometric, with hints of colour. Digital photography is used both as an additional art form and for documentation.

I have recently completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture at the National Art School, Sydney. In 2016, my studio practice in Sydney will continue to focus on drawing, painting and sculpture in the area of illusion, visual perception and the effects of colour and shape on the mind of viewers.